Hot Potato Games

Hot Potato Games

Welcome to OpenSea's Hot Potato Crypto Game Guide! Here you will find useful links for both the trading platform and the crypto games themselves. Enjoy!

What are Hot Potato Games?

Hot Potato Games are a very simple concept. A bunch of digital, collectible assets are created and put for auction at a certain base price (Celebrities, Landmarks, Disney Princesses, Cars, Real Estate, etc). Users begin purchasing these assets and they are stored in their wallet. Users are generally free to trade and sell these items as they wish.

There's a catch...

Wait what do you mean? Well, these games are called 'Hot potato' for a reason! Any other user may purchase your asset out from under your nose (for more money than you paid), and in many cases, this is what you are hoping for. This is why they are referred to as 'Hot Potatoes'. If you end up getting stuck with the potato (the digital asset) when the game ends (people stop playing) you lose! Typically, the next price of the asset will be 50% more to 400% more. Each game is structured differently based on how the game works and how the developers expected their users to play.

For games which fall under this category, there generally is not any inherent reason for one asset to be more valuable than the others. The biggest reason stems from the fact that new users will probably flock to popular items that they are familiar with. More obscure items will probably go unsold. It will be purely emotional. If you have purchased the 'Mona Lisa' or the 'Big Ben', you don't actually own the real life item. You cannot do anything with this item, other than brag about it, or sell it. Because of this, the incentive to re-sell is extremely high. Just hope you don't get stuck holding the bag!

Buy and Sell Assets

Check out the OpenSea Marketplace at or get assets directly from the Hot Potato game site. For detailed information on acquiring/trading new assets from the OpenSea marketplace, check out the Buy and Sell on OpenSea page of this Wiki.

NOTE: When listing a Hot Potato asset on OpenSea, the asset cannot be bought out from under your nose by other users on the main site. This can be viewed as a negative or a positive, depending on your goal.

General Strategies

Each game will be a little different, and in some cases VERY different. But in general, the following strategies should usually do fairly well:

  • Try to find out if there is a beta period where you can get free assets, or extremely cheap assets compared to the final release. If you can get in for free, or very cheap, your risk factor will be very low.

  • If the game has released and people are already trading, you'll probably want to look for items that are selling very frequently. A good indication would be an item that was last sold in the last few hours.

  • Don't purchase an asset because it looks cool, or because you are personally fond of it. Best case, the game takes off, and someone is going to steal it from you anyway. Worst case, people stop playing the game entirely, and you're stuck with a useless/worthless asset.

  • Pick games where the buyout is at least double each time. If it's less than double, the risk-reward ratio will not be in your favor.

  • Try to pick games that have benefits outside of just buying low and selling high. OpenSea has recently listed the game DWorld, which allows you to buy locations on the World map. There are multiple methods of earning money, and the map squares can be populated with a user image, description, and web link. This makes it great for advertising! We even have a dedicated Wiki: Check it out!

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