Welcome to OpenSea's DWorld Game Guide! Here you will find useful links for both the trading platform and DWorld game itself. Enjoy!
Gameplay content taken from https://dworld.io and the DWorld Discord channel.
DWorld (Decentralized World) is a much more complicated, and possibly less risky, version of the Hot Potato games. That's why we've decided to dedicate a page just to it, and develop some strategies!

What is DWorld

The basic premise of DWorld is turning the entire Earth into a digital landgrab. That playfield is broken up into very small plots of land available for purchase. You are able to buy any of those unclaimed plots of land for Ξ0.0125. In addition to owning those plots, you are able to customize them for everyone else to see. You can:
  • Give the plot a name
  • Give the plot a description/summary
  • Provide a website URL for viewers to click.

How do I 'Win the Game'?

We think it's safe to say, that winning at DWorld means turning a profit from your claimed plots. DWorld has implemented a fairly complex profit sharing system, which allows you to earn dividends from several sources:
  • Someone can buy you out of your plot. When that happens, you get the lion's share of the profits. After a buyout happens, the price will increase automatically.
  • When someone claims a new plot that is in direct contact with one of your existing plots, they will pay dividends to you of Ξ0.00625, on top of the normal claim price.
  • When a plot is bought out next to one of your plots, you will receive a percentage of the sale, as well as Ξ0.00625 in flat dividends.
  • Referrals: DWorld provides a multi-tier referral system, where you get dividends from a user, and even two levels deeper from that new user's referrals. More details about the referral system can be found at https://dworld.io/referrals.

Buy and Sell Plots

Check out the OpenSea Marketplace at https://opensea.io/assets/dworld or get assets directly from the DWorld site. For detailed information on acquiring/trading new assets from the OpenSea marketplace, check out the Buy and Sell Plots page of this Wiki.
NOTE 1: When listing a Dworld plot on OpenSea, the plot cannot be bought out from under your nose by other users on the main site.
NOTE 2: When listing a Dworld plot on OpenSea, you cannot collect dividends for plots purchased adjacent to the listing (Though OpenSea is working with the developer to see if we can change this situation).
These notes can be viewed as a negative or a positive, depending on your goals.


This section is purely OpenSea's opinion, and is in no way intended to be investment advice. We're looking at it strictly as a strategy we would use to 'win this game'.

Buy Landmarks and Build Shells

As detailed in the game's introduction section, you can build a 'Shell' (square of 8 plots with a hole in the middle) around major landmarks. This way, when someone decides to purchase that landmark in the middle, each of your surrounding plots nets you Ξ0.00625. In areas where there are many landmarks right next to each other, we recommend to purchase enough plots to get as close to a shell as you can, but if you can't afford a complete shell, we recommend using a staggered or grid pattern as shown below:
There are also times where a grid or stagger will not be possible, but it can still be worth buying a plot (and sometimes even worth paying more than Ξ0.0125). Here are some examples that we feel can be worthwhile:

Buy Alone, With High Visibility

Another strategy is to buy a spot that gets high visibility in hopes of getting bought out. There are plenty of areas with no claimed spots at all. While there may not be any landmarks there, if your plot is the only claimed plot, you can put an image there that most users will see while moving around the map. You could even try to net yourself an advertising income, by placing ads in this type of location for visibility. See the image below:
Each plot has a name, description/summary, and website URL. This makes each plot a potential billboard! And the more isolated you are, the futher zoomed out everyone will be able to see your plot!
In addition to placing ads out in the 'boonies', you can try to buyout a plot in a super populated area, like new york city. We bought out a CNN plot so that we could give you an example. It wasn't cheap, but the real estate was highly contested, and we think it's pretty cool to advertise there!

Create A New Trend

Because there is an activity log for all users on the site, it may be possible to create a new trending location. We thought it would be funny to get users to start building 'Dat Wall' at the border of US and Mexico, filling the images with memes! OpenSea has spoken with the developer about starting the default map position at the last purchased location among ALL DWorld users. This could make creating your own trends an even more potent strategy if they implement it.

Know When to Fold'Em

If the territory you've been building up just isn't gaining any traction... It might be time to sell a few (or ALL) of your plots in the OpenSea marketplace at a discount to the buyout price. Sometimes it's better to get something back, than nothing at all.

Discord Channels

Please join us in the OpenSea discord (https://discord.gg/KMNMxKq) and the DWorld discord (https://discord.gg/Enac6dx). Hope to see you there!
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